Earle Flick was blessed with athletic ability that the rest of us only dream of having; and the drive to use that ability to compete at the highest level on the track and on the soccer field.

Before he left Windsor Locks High School, Earle established himself as one of the best hurdlers in the region and in school history.

As Hall of Famers go, his career was relatively short. Earle did not play much organized sports before high school. His family had a boat in Niantic and before high school he spent most weekends and summers on the boat. He did play Little League baseball for two years.

Earle’s track ability was already on display as his Little League Coach McKeon only wanted Earle to pinch run.

In those days Earle did not think he had any special talent. The pick-up games on Circle Drive where Earle lived included one of the best athletes ever to come out of Windsor Locks, Hall of Famer Steve Scheerer, and many other fine athletes. Unbeknownst to him, Earle was sharpening his skills against the best simply by having fun in the neighborhood.

His freshman year of high school, Earle casually agreed to go to soccer tryouts with his friend Jim Nussbaum. He made the varsity and never looked back.

During Earle’s four years at WLHS, the soccer team won two state tiles and lost in the finals his senior year. A speedy, reliable wing, Earle left his imprint early scoring a goal in the championship game his freshman year.

His senior year he has named as one of the team’s tri-captains and and was selected to the All-Conference Team. Nevertheless he remains convinced that he was the player Coach Sullivan yelled at the most; a common refrain from the most most talented athletes Sully coached.

Although his ability in soccer earned him a scholarship at UConn, Earle is most remembered for his talent as a runner. A four year member of the track team, Earle distinguished himself in the 330 yard intermediate hurdles. Earle won many events including the 1972 New Britain Invitational, the 1973 Hartford Public Invitational, and the 1973 State Championship.

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His senior year Earle set a new school record at the 1973 Coast Guard Academy Meet. Earle equally enjoyed his time as a member of the school’s successful 440 yard relay team and competing in the 100 yard dash.

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Earle played one year of Junior Varsity basketball and although his natural ability was as evident on the court as on the track, he decided against continuing to play basketball after his sophomore year.

Earle took great pride in winning Coach Sullivan’s Obstacle Court Challenges each of his four years; remarkable when considering the athletes who shared the halls at WLHS during that time.

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Earle suffered a season ending injuring playing soccer his freshman year at UConn and never returned to organized sports. He channeled his competitive drive to his studies and pursued his dram of becoming a veterinarian.

In 1977, Earle graduated cum laude from UConn but in those days there were only 12 veterinary schools in the country and admission was extremely competitive. He ended up attending a veterinary school in the Philippines. At school, Earle met his wife, Dr. Karen Pierpont, the daughter of a Maryland veterinarian. After graduating from veterinary school, Earle and Karen settled in western Maryland living on a farm across the street from their animal hospital.

Over the years they have treated numerous animals back to health while comforting their owners. Earle and Karen have a cabin in the Maryland hills where they like to spend their time.

They have also travelled extensively visiting Alaska, Africa, and Europe. They also enjoy visiting family in Connecticut, Florida and Vermont.

Since his time at UConn, Earle remained a devoted follower of its sports and especially enjoys UConn women’s hoops team.

In addition to their home, Earle and Karen enjoy nature especially their beloved bears that live in the area. They love Ocean City, Maryland areas and camping in Florida which they do annually.

Earle continues to scratch his competitive itch with the occasional round of golf.

Earle is a kind, loving, special and funny man who is well loved as a husband, son, brother, uncle, great uncle, god father and friend.

God given ability used to its fullest, devotion to his profession and to his God, Dr. Earle Flick is a Hall of Famer for all seasons.

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