Fred Salvatore worked 45 years for the Hartford Times, retiring in 1973.

His love of baseball started in 1934 and continued the rest of the life. He played softball for the St. Andrews team in the Colt Park league. Records show he was a pretty good hitter and he batted in the middle of the order.

Fred loved playing ball so much he even cut his honeymoon short to play for St. Andrews.

Fred moved to Windsor Locks in 1n 1956 and immediately became very
active in the Little League program.

Fred attended many Little League games even when he was not coaching. He continued to follow the players in high school.

He attended almost all the Little League All-Star games.

When his neighbor Bob O’Connor (manager of the 1965 Little League Champion team and Hall of Fame inductee) asked Fred and John Carnevale for some assistance they gladly scouted the team’s upcoming opponents.

Fred’s knowledge and lasting love of baseball make him a perfect fit as the Fan of the Game.

est 2005