FANS of the GAME: RIta and paul roy

Paul and Rita Roy were raised in a mill town in Sanford Maine, so when it came time to start a new life for their young family, they headed south to a Connecticut mill town named Windsor Locks.

It did not take them long to adopt Windsor Locks as their home and become part of the community.

The Roy’s were particularly active in athletics, and their involvement changed fall sports in Windsor Locks to this very day.

In 1971, Paul and Rita were part of a group that led the charge for the formation of a football program under the leadership of Hall of Fame coach Pat Scelza.

During that period of time the Soccer program was arguably at its most prolific, so to gather enough support for creating another fall sport was daunting, but the Roy’s were determined to see Windsor Locks with its own football team.

Their determination was rewarded and for nearly fifty years Windsor Locks football has had a proud history, with names like Michalewicz, Netcoh, and Savage, all being inducted into the Hall of fame due to in large part to their accomplishments on the gridiron.

When they weren’t helping to lead change, Paul and Rita enjoyed cheering on their children and grandchildren as they played sports.

For many years they volunteered their time helping to serve refreshments at American Legion and Babe Ruth baseball games.

Paul as Knights of Columbus Chairman, ran the dance and post-graduation party for Windsor Locks High School seniors, which keep them safe and entertained throughout the evening.

Through their community involvement, the Roy’s took it upon themselves to look after an entire generation of Windsor Locks children.  It is this devotion for which they are being honored.

Sadly, after sixty-three years of marriage, Paul passed away last year leaving Rita and her family to continue the legacy they created.

Rita still resides in Windsor Locks and is just as enthusiastic about Windsor Locks Athletics.  Paul and Rita have two children, four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

est 2005